Post-election blues

It’s rather annoying that the Partyarch candidates all seem to have won here last night. I guess there were legal issues with the TEA Party actively endorsing candidates, and they didn’t have the funds to send multiple color flyers of their guys to the Republican homes….you had to actively investigate, and if you didn’t, you’d pick the woman over Gene Lucci for judge. The press is out there with “no TEA Party effect”. I don’t know if that’s true, because you’d have to examine and compare vote totals for GOP endorsed candidates in previous years, but there wasn’t enough of a TEA Party effect. It looks like my committee people won. And the odious Jen Brunner lost. Fire levy passed, but then, so did Third Frontier. Well, onward and upward…Graham won in the 17th, so on to the project of kicking Kentucky Friend Ryan’s ass.


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