Sto lat


And I do wish Barack Obama the longest life possible. He should live a hundred years, minimum. Because if America survives, and I believe that it will, and I’m talking about America America, not the demented variant that Barack visions, then he will be the most disgraced and mocked President ever. No mere Jimmy Carter or Richard Nixon. People will use his name as an epithet, because he is such a disgusting liar and perpetrator of such a Big Lie. “An Obama” will become the name for such Big Lies, the way “A Lewinski” references Oval Office fellation. I want Barack to live it through to the end of its useful life, until it becomes a cliche times ten. And when no one remembers who Chris Matthews or Frank Rich were, and perhaps Barack the man will himself have in senesence retreated from the public eye, “An Obama”will have become a tad arcane but still mean what it means already, today.


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