Food with insanity

Mr. Ells,

Let me explain “integrity” to you.  It includes trading value for value, voluntarily. Chipotle does that quite well, so I know you understand the concept. Integrity does not encompass hiring guns to come onto farms to force farmers to farm the way you want them to, any more than it includes me going into the kitchen and drawing down on one of your cooks and telling him how I want my food prepared.

Clearly you see some business advantage in chumming with HSUS. Perhaps you think you can get that humanely-raised meat cheaper if everyone has to do it. But if you sleep with that dog, you’ll wake up with its fleas. It’s theoretically possible for you to get by selling corn and beans, after HSUS has its way with us. But you’ll do it without my help. That family-owned Mexican place down the road might be totally staffed by illegals, but at least they Get It, and they don’t pour the sauce of sanctimony all over the carnitas.

It’s too bad, really, because I’m with you on the non-exploitation thing. Too bad you won’t extend that to farmers.


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