Call the waambulance

The San Diego City Council, however, never voted to boycott Arizona. The city simply condemned the state’s immigration law and voted to urge lawmakers to repeal the law.

Citizens of Arizona have misunderstood San Diego’s stance, said Joe Terzi, the CEO of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, who has been fielding hundreds of e-mails threatening not to visit the city until the boycott is lifted.

Translation: “You’re taking out your rage at LA’s boycott on us, and we didn’t do a thing.” Except you did: you stuck your nose in another state’s business, exercising a function which is not a necessary and proper part of any city government. This is a little different than passing resolutions against apartheid or nuclear weapons; these folks are your customers. If you walk down the street and punch a random stranger in the nose, why should you be surprised when he hits back?


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