Marriott Bait-n-switch in Charlotte

Manager Jim Diehl and his staff of the Charlotte Mariott City Center have been very naughty indeed.

It seems that after several hundred NRA convention goers made reservations to stay at the Marriott and, in addition, Grass Roots North Carolina also held its “Gala for Gun Rights” on Friday night at the location. GRNC had, in fact, by all accounts carefully verified in advance that Marriott was not one of the many gun-free zones that make Charlotte a deeply undesireable city for 2A conventions and events.

Subsequent to taking payment and check-in of said guests and organization (estimated at over $100,000), on Friday night, during the Gala, Diehl and his minions posted the hotel as a no-firearms zone using quickie computer printed signs and scotch tape to hit all the entrances – instantly criminalizing those present and placing them at risk of prosecution if they were in possession of firearms on the premises.

Such prosecution would place them at risk of imprisonment, fines, and loss of their Concealed Pistol Licenses.

This has been going around all over. Marriott Corporate has been apologizing out one side of its mouth. There are various Interesting Contact Numbers at the link, if you feel so inclined.
H/T: Breda.


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