Catholic Libertarians

On “Kresta in the Afternoon” on Wednesday, Al and a guest (whose name I didn’t catch, except that she was on the LP platform committee in the 80s, and which is not up on Kresta’s blog) batted around the proposition of whether a Catholic could be a libertarian, without coming to any firm conclusion. I would think the question would be, “How can a Catholic NOT be a libertarian?”, but then, given my unique past, I would say that, and nobody is going to confuse my pronouncements on doctrine with those of Papa Ratzi. Interestingly, none of the Lew Rockwell crew were brought up, considering that (among other names) Jeffrey Tucker is a major force in the revival of Catholic liturgy.

That air time was used at all stemmed from an imprecision of definitions. I don’t think there is any doubt that Catholicism and Objectivism are incompatible, and no Objectivist would argue otherwise. I’ve been in the process of unpacking that baggage, pulling out the clean clothes from what stinks, and I find it amusing to note how much of the Commie Weltanschauung persisted in Rand’s thought: primarily a belief in the perfectibility of Man,  a tendency toward authoritarianism, and a separation of sex from reproduction, leading to a lack of children. Much of the Kresta discussion centered around radical individualism, which is part of the baggage inherited from Rand, but not inherently part of libertarianism.  If we believe that “order happens”, then as the State withers, the family, church and other voluntary organizations will grow. Likewise, an attack on the integrity of church and family strengthens the state (more single moms=more state aid=more votes in keep and increase aid). This all fits nicely into the principle of subsidiarity, and is not radical from either the Catholic or Libertarian viewpoint.


2 Responses to Catholic Libertarians

  1. James says:

    Her name was Jennifer Roback Morse
    And here is a link to the interview.

    I found this on the Kresta Ustream site. The link was on Al’s Blog.

    The other day I read the Libertarian party platform and found things that I do not agree with regarding Abortion and Gay Marriage. There were many things that I approved of but I find the RNC Platform to be the stronger document. I just wish Republicans would read it and stick to it.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Thanks, James. I didn’t look too hard because I’m at home with a 3G connection shared by 2 people…so I generally don’t do streaming media here. The name does ring a bell from back then.

    I vote GOP in the primaries to keep them honest, but I’m still basically a libertarian. The State can’t marry gays for the same reason it can’t marry straights: not qualified to administer sacraments. So it they want to broaden their domestic partnerships, it doesn’t bother me much. I’ve come along to the point of “Abortion is murder, thus a permissible thing for the State to ban”, but I’m basically a prolife squish.

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