Pack of feral dogs attacks Amish

We’re plagued here by something called the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, which has mounted a petition drive to ban them. Now, I do not understand the fuss about “puppy mills”, as opposed to the “chick mill” at Mt. Healthy Hatchery, the “calf mill” at any dairy farm, or the “pussy mill” at…well, maybe I’d best end there. There is apparently a market for dogs, above, beyond and more specialized than shelters can meet. Not everyone wants the product of your Great Dane nailing the neighbor’s Chihuahua. Yes, some breeders are more humane than others, but if that were BODA’s issue, they could certify breeders, or get into the business themselves. Apparently, it’s not a big market, as there is only one dog auction east of the Mississippi, and that’s in Holmes County, Ohio.

Well, BODA has been trying to organize that community, without much luck. Holmes is Amish Central in Ohio, and the Amish don’t much like outsiders (mostly out-of-staters, at that) telling them how to live. They tried to have a meeting at the library, which was brought to an early end after the Ohio Animal Owner’s Association showed up to pass out flyers, leading BODA to call the cops. They’ve tried having meetings at “private businesses” (including the Berlin Hickory Smokehouse and Comfort Suites), who declined to rent rooms to them, apparently fearing community blowback. Now they’re organizing their members against the businesses and the local Chamber of Commerce, threatening a boycott.

Good luck with that. Folks go to Holmes to see the Amish. And the only reason the Amish are worth seeing is that for several centuries they’ve been telling the world to FOAD (or, as they’d probably say, “Find Out About Divinity”). The salt isn’t about to lose its savor, nor should it.


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