The garden is in

… and not a minute too soon. I was going to put in a last row of carrots, but they’ll wait. And there’s a nice chunk of land waiting for fall crops (Chinese and Western cabbages, later beans and cukes, roots, kale, peas, lettuce).

Corn went in last night, after two final tiller passes. The Earthway seeder bogged down a bit, and twice picked up a clod of dirt that pushed the belt off. But seed was dropping and being covered. No guarantee how well distributed it is, but there never is with that thing. I also should have limed it…oh well, that can wait until we have germination.

I had the push mower out in the orchard, clearing a path around the fruit and intending to find a place for a couple of wild plums we were moving (Rusty had grown them from seedlings and had them in the front yard, where they did not do well…and she wants to convert that patch to lawn anyway.) I saw it was clouding up, and changed my priorities. Planted another several rows, then took the tiller in and got a bag to pick lamb’s quarters that Rusty wanted for a souffle and something to put strawberries in. I had the greens and was halfway through the berries when it started raining. I got in before it opened up…realized I’d left the Gadsden out and was going to retrieve it, but then it opened up. About 6/10 inch, so far…and thunderstorms predicted for the next week. So it was perfect weather for what I had wanted to accomplish, and now perfect weather to grow (assuming that we don’t get too much). If it stops, I’ll try to plant a tree or two; if not, I can be a musician this week (not much choice: 2 rehearsals, 2 services.)


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