Al and Tipper

Sorry, normal people don’t split after 40 years. So what was it? Al with some Greenpeace babe? His global warming scam not supporting Tipper in the style she has become accustomed to? Yes, I know, breakups (Not divorce yet, thank God) are sad things, and I really should keep my Schadenfreud to myself…


2 Responses to Al and Tipper

  1. kishnevi says:

    Obviously, he found an earth goddess…

    BTW, I do know several people who got divorced after such fairly long lived marriages. Kids all grown up (and isn’t the youngest Gore offspring still college age or something just above that?), breadwinner retires–and they discover that they now have absolutely nothing in common with each other, or can’t stand being together so much.

    Other scenario: husband finally tumbles out of the closet. Which in fact was the case with the chairman of the music deparment at Emory when I was there–the divorce was already a couple of years in the past when I entered, and I don’t know how long they were actually married–but they remained on very friendly terms, and he supported her unstintingly (financially and sometimes physically–she suffered from MS, and was often the lead soprano in department concerts, so he would always help her across the stage to her seat before stepping on the conducting podium).

    There was of course one conversation I had with a freshman friend who had enrolled for his music 101 course the next fall. He was named Jones, blonde hair, blue eyes, and in all respects a typical New Jersey frat boy Jew (including adoration of Springsteen).
    Me: You might want to take something else.
    Him: Why?
    Me: He likes young blonde guys like you.
    Him: [slow change of expression as he tumbles to what I’m saying]–Oh. OH!
    He didn’t quite believe me until I explained about the divorce. The idea that he might be the object of sexual harrassment (of course, they didn’t call it that, or anything much back then) had never entered his head before. He did take the course, and if there was any unpleasantness, it never got back to me.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    You aren’t the only one to think that. Yesterday at AoSHQ:
    “23 More good news, Ladies: Tipper Gore is available and on the market. (I’m betting that one of the two Gores ends up out of the closet. Just a hunch. Think it’s Tipper.) ”

    Or as Rusty says: “People who are confused about their sexuality are frequently confused about other things as well.”

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