I hate the natural order

I came home to hear that the 25 peeps we just got yesterday (that I hadn’t even seen because I was home late) were all dead, bitten through the neck. They were out in the other room of the goat barn, which we’ve used as a brooder before, generally but not always successfully. And the board we had up to block easy access from the goat room had been taken down, so we could have access to the goat room. Rusty didn’t tell me at work because she didn’t want to spoil my day. $57 blown to Hell. Next step: reorder, set traps, set new birds in the house for a week or so, give them a sealed space thereafter.  I’m pissed.


3 Responses to I hate the natural order

  1. Linda Morgan says:

    Well I’m sorry.

    I know you’re upset and everything and I don’t blame you, but could you maybe spare a few more details. I’m really unclear about what happened. The goat(s) bit the chicks through their necks? That can’t be right. Can it? Sounds awful delicate for goats. Seems like the little heads would just come off with a goat bite. Not that I know much about either critter, firsthand, particularly as they are apt to interact with one another.

    What was the motive do you think?

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    No, it wasn’t the goats, who are in another room. 2 small teeth marks, per Rusty. She piled the corpses in the original chick box and I didn’t have the heart to do an autopsy. Either rat or weasel, probably.

  3. Linda Morgan says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I figured there had to be a third sort of creature involved here. I had heard once, however, about a cow cropping the top off a little feathered thing, but that was when the bird got in the way of grazing, so I thought. Couldn’t come up with a reason for a goat in a barn to try that sort of thing — at least not 25 times. But what did I know without asking?

    Better luck with the next batch.

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