For Immediate Release: International Sacred Music Competition Results

Dear Composer,

Thank you for participating in The Foundation for Sacred Arts’ first International Sacred Music Competition for Composers. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your hard work and dedication.

We received many fine works of sacred music and had to make difficult decisions regarding the selection of winning works. The judging process was blind, meaning that none of the judges had access to the composer’s names or any biographical information. The winners have already been notified and are listed below.

Category I: Non-liturgical Sacred Choral Works

1st: Amen, Alleluia (Revelations 19:4-9), Daniel Knaggs

2nd: Credo, Frank La Rocca

3rd: He Who Eats This Bread (John 6:54-55, 58), Daniel Knaggs

Category II: New English Mass Settings

1st: Mass in Honor of St. Maximillian Kolbe, Jeffrey Quick

2nd: Mass of St. Theresa of Avila, Daniel Knaggs

3rd: Missa Sancti Johannes Apostoli, Daniel Knaggs

Honorable Mention: Mass, Paul Ayres

Honorable Mention: Mass of the Resurrection, Audrey Faith Seah

Honorable Mention: Mass of the Blessed Virgin, Mary John Henderson

Honorable Mention: Mass, Amanda Jacobs


Dr. Kurt Poterack, Music Department Chair, Christendom College; Director Emeritus, Church Music Association of America; Editor-at-Large, Sacred Music; Composer

Dr. William Mahrt, President, Church Music Association of America; Editor, Sacred Music; Associate Professor of Music, Stanford University; Director of Music, St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Palo Alto, CA

James Flood, President and Founder, The Foundation for Sacred Arts; Director of Music, St. Clement Church, Lakewood, OH; Director of the Lyceum Schola Cantorum, The Lyceum, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Susan Treacy, Associate Professor of Music, Ave Maria University; Board of Directors, Church Music Association of America; Music for Review, Sacred Music

Richard Rice, America’s preeminent chant typographer; Compiler and Editor of The Parish Book of Chant and Communio; Director of the Cantica Novum Schola of Greater Washington; Professional chorister; Composer

Mark Nowakowski, Curator of Music, The Foundation for Sacred Arts, Composer

Thank you again for your participation. You are cordially invited to attend the premiere concert on August 14th, 2010 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. We do hope that you continue your fine work and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


Mark Nowakowski

Curator of Music

The Foundation for Sacred Arts


3 Responses to PR

  1. kishnevi says:

    Now it’s official, congratulations.
    BTW, who is Daniel Knaggs?

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Apparently, somebody just as talented as I am, but more prolific. 😉 Hopefully, I’ll meet him in August.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    K, here’s a substantive response to your question:
    MySpace page, with audio files.
    I hope that his winning pieces are different in style from this.

    Frank LaRocca is here.

    The honorable mentionees: Paul Ayres,Audrey Faith Seah, Amanda Jacobs

    Some hefty resumes in those who came after me…humility is in order.

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