Endarkenment 1 mile…check your brakes

There’s been quite a little conversation on Da InnerTubz of late on how to avoid Endarkenment…specifically here. I can’t disagree with the analysis that we aren’t going to vote our way out of this. We might make some limited impact if we all voted for “any party other than the two responsible for this”, but when that begins to look successful, the rules will be changed. For most of us, it’s a low-cost action, but it’s also low-effectiveness.

I don’t think it’s hopeless, though. With God all things are possible. The Enlightenment happened in a Christian world. The people in the US who used nonviolence most effectively were mostly Christians, led by a Christian minister (the REVEREND Martin Luther King). The people who have used nonviolence most effectively to partially escape the strictures of the State are the Amish, though I believe they will have less success in a progressively more anti-Christian world.

My personal problem is to integrate my faith and my politics. I just don’t see total anti-violence as being Scripturally based. It certainly wasn’t the modus operandi of the Jews. Jesus told his disciples in Jerusalem to arm up…was that just so He could do one last miracle in Gethsemane? There are somethings that I am clear are wrong for me (vitriolage, for instance), but many others on which I have no moral clarity at all.

But this I know…and even hardshell Objectivists could agree: it’s going to take a freaking miracle to get us out of this. I’m opting to play on the side of the Miracle-Worker, because how else are you going to get that miracle? As a people, we’ve asked for a king other than Jesus, we’re getting that king, and “the Lord will not hear us in that day.” But there’s the next day, and it may be later than we think.

People were yucking it up when James Wesley, Rawles had the characters in his novel-cum-tutorial Patriots pray before going into battle.He wasn’t wrong, about the prayer, and maybe about the battle.


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