Now, WHICH party was the Stupid Party?

We have an odd situation in the Ohio gubernatorial contest: an NRA-endorsed incumbent running under the banner of the No Guns party, and John “F-troop” Kasich running under the more gun-friendly party. Which means, potentially, that the votes of all gunnies are legitimately in play. So how did the Democrats decide to capitalize on that?

The state party sent letters to Ohio’s 88 sheriffs requesting the names and addresses of permit holders and the dates the licenses were issued. Ohio has about 211,000 permit holders…. The Democrats intended to target people who support the Second Amendment — the constitutional right to bear arms — with campaign information, said party spokesman, Seth Bringman.

Of course, the party of Carty Finkbeiner, Frank Jackson, Jay Williams et al didn’t get the info, because it’s exempt from the open records laws. But the attempt would not endear them to freedom-loving Americans, especially when they’re in the hole on guns to begin with. The LP is looking better all the time.


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