The Black Water Farm Report

Backyard from main plot up

OK, here’s the main garden plot, and a bit of the middle one (the garlic in foreground) and all the fun up to the house, such as it is.

Things this year have been…odd. The early-planted things went extremely well…kohlrabi, lettuce, chard (producing) carrots, beets (waiting for size). Things I planted around Memorial Day had terrible germination and had to be replanted. It’s all up now, but things like squash and cukes that should be about starting now are nowheres near ready. I’m not even positive that winter squash will make. I need to put in late coles, roots, peas yet, mostly in ground sown once already. We’ll eat OK, I think. Here’s that early stuff:
Middle plot early plantings

Blueberries are coming on, decently for the first time. blueberries The fiberglass poles are holding up a bird net.

Critters are doing OK. We had to reorder chicks because the first batch were wiped out by a predator within 24 hrs. the 2nd batch stayed in the bathroom for almost 3 weeks, and are now in one coop with 2 caged roosters, which doubtless sound scary. they seem to be doing well.

Rabbits are doing well. We’ve put them in the chicken tractor quite a bit, which works well as long as the ground is level; otherwise, you’re chasing bunnies. They’re getting fed more clover and less pellet, and seem to be doing well, but have not hit puberty yet.

Goats are less popular than they used to be. Buddy is on Rusty’s shit list as he deliberately butted her in the accident-cracked leg, leading to several days of pain. the girls found/created a hole in the fence and did a little unauthorized cherry pruning. They haven’t come into heat either.

Dylan Johns came over last night at Rusty’s request to brush-hog the pasture. He took a look at the down tractor and declared it was an ignition problem, told me what parts were needed and that his dad could do it in a half hour.


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