Bristol and Levi

Look, I’m all for forgiveness, family unity, all those Christian virtues. So why can’t I stop screaming, “NO, Bristol! DON’T DO IT!” This boychild did his best to hurt you and your family (even if he hurt himself much worse); what makes you think he won’t do it again? Maybe Levi has grown up, maybe you two can pull this glorious thing off with God’s help, and live happily ever after. Or maybe not.  Your parents can watch out for you better than I can, so if they’re cool with this, all I can do is pray.


4 Responses to Bristol and Levi

  1. kishnevi says:

    I would suspect a little life experience has come into play here: he’s discovered the limits of being a reality TV star and a hero of the Left; his vitriol was almost always at Sarah and Todd, and never that I can recall, directly aimed at Bristol and never completely closed the door to being reconciled with her; he’s always publicly claimed that the baby is very important to him, and probably believes it; and he’s probably decided that if there’s money to be made, it’s with Palin Inc.

    Plus he has pissed off his own family now (or at least his sister) which suggests that he really does have the intentions suitable to marrying Bristol.

    Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time in human history that the bride or groom has married someone whose parents he detests and who detest him.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    He’s better treat her right. Todd has guns. So does Sarah.

  3. kishnevi says:

    No. Political parties may be doing their level best to be genteel mafias, but unlike the real Mafia, they won’t yet let people run operations from jail.

    BTW, going by the news reports Sarah at least is not cool with this; he didn’t give his family advance warning, and it’s possible neither did Bristol. Sounds like the first people they shared the news with was US magazine.

    Feh. Maybe Bonnie Montgomery can write an opera about the Palin family.

  4. jeffreyquick says:

    I’d consider a Palin opera, if I live to see the plot finish. What a diva vehicle! Think of the Bristol-Sarah 2-soprano anger duet. I’d cast Levi as a countertenor.

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