Dr. Kavorkian, estate planner

George Steinbrenner’s exquisite timing has been noted in various media today. It seems there might be a place for “extreme estate planning.” If you’re on a respirator, have terminal cancer, etc. and are part of the moneyed class, you might want to pull the plug “for the children”, since you aren’t long anyway. As a Christian, I can’t recommend helping God’s process through artificial and violent means. But I can see how even somebody relatively healthy who wanted to save his family $500m or so might decide that he didn’t want to die alone in such a target-rich environment. There are bound to be unintended consequences to a 55% death tax.

UPDATE 7/16: I’m not the only one to think of this… and other people have statistics and interviews.


2 Responses to Dr. Kavorkian, estate planner

  1. MDC says:

    A Lobbyist for the AAUW that I went to high school with assures me that this tax is necessary to prevent a “plutocracy.” I mean Pluto’s not even a planet anymore…

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    You mean we don’t have a plutocracy now? You’d think by the bailouts that plutocrats are an endangered species who must survive or the ecology economy will totally collapse.

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