Bill Clinton: the opera

Soja is all exercised about somebody named Bonnie Montgomery writing an opera about the childhood of the Prevaricator-in-chief. Me? Notsomuch. Once Mao, Chou and Nixon have taken the stage to acclaim, there are really no limits… not to mention some of the charmers in Verdi and Puccini.

The first question is whether the opera will be tragedy or farce. The next is: who is she? The opera has a web page, and a page on Facebook, including a synopsis (which seems dramatically flaccid to me). But there’s very little out there on Montgomery.  Though classically-trained, apparently her previous professional experience is in “singer-songwriter” mode in Nashville. The  premiere venue is a tavern in Little Rock. This doesn’t seem to be anything like the case of Cleveland Opera paying gajillions to Stewart Copeland for tripe. She knows how to work a PR machine, and how to gain some public interest, so good for her. I suspect that Billy Blythe will be no Nixon (regardless of the real-life parelells), but who knows? Tasters await the pudding.

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  1. […] years. An official Web site, including a synopsis, is here. Cleveland area composer Jeffrey Quick comments. from → News ← More ‘Time Curve Preludes’ No comments yet […]

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