Indian Flame

Just back from the new Indian restaurant on campus, the Indian Flame. On the basis of the $8.99 lunch buffet, I’d rate the place at a B-. Climate control was authentic, not a huge selection at the buffet (esp. for vegetarians) . Food was fairly bland, not fresh-tasting, and flavors rather similar from dish to dish; the palak paneer in particular tasted like it came in 5 gallon buckets from Toronto. Pickles were very good (mixed, things I couldn’t ID, better than your typical green mango pickle), naan fine, and there was a nice “cream of mushroom soup” (forget what it was called, but that was the result). I thought they had left the cardamom out of the kheer, but there were green pods at the bottom of the pot.

But in brighter news, the long awaited Luchita’s Express has opened. Burrito Wars!  Look out Qdoba! I’ll do the review next time I have a reason (however tenuous) to eat lunch out.


2 Responses to Indian Flame

  1. kishnevi says:

    Climate control was authentic

    Is that a tactful way of saying the A/C wasn’t working?

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    There wasn’t space in the place for a bunch of servants to wave fans, so…

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