There’s been quite a bit of conjecture about this affair being “a test of the Internet kill switch“. Apparently, it wasn’t quite that, yet. The Fibbies found some Al Quada material on a Blogotery blog, and went to Blogotery’s server BurstNET, who cancelled the account as a TOS violation.

The Blogetery guy doesn’t sound as if English is his first language, and he doesn’t sound like a whiz on server law either. Should he realistically be expected to police 69K blogs? Is it reasonable for BurstNET to terminate 69K bloggers over the actions of one? What this tells me is that a “kill switch” isn’t needed: the government can pretty much shut down what it wants, under the guise of “fighting terrorism”.

A representative for said the company had offered Blogetery’s operator his money back, but that “should be the least of his concerns.”

Personally, I think Burst has just as much to worry about as Blogetery. If I were a customer, I’d be looking for a new server.


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