Verdolaga con chorizo y queso

Weeder’s dinner. I invented this tonight.

Grab a whole mess of purslane that you’ve kept back while weeding your garden. There should be about enough to fill a 12″ cast-iron skillet. It is best not to use big main stems; if your garden housekeeping is as bad as mine, you can afford to get rid of them. Wash and chop the rest.

Put about 4 oz (half a stick) of Mexican-style chorizo into the pan. I get mine at Aldi; the mild is plenty spicy enough, but if you like it picante, use that. Optionally, add several cloves of garlic. Moosh the chorizo down and let it cook for a minute or two on medium heat, then add the purslane. Break apart the chorizo while stirring the purslane. It’ll cook down. Cover the pan. Stir occasionally; add water from time to time to clean sticking-on stuff from the bottom of the pan. When the purslane stems are to desired tenderness, add an ounce or two of Monteray Jack cheese, sliced. Melt it in and serve. Feeds 4 as a side dish, or one hungry farmer as a main dish. Purslane is one of the few plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, so it makes up somewhat for the pork and cheese. I see no need for a carb component to this, but if you really must, consider adding a can of hominy.


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