Happy St. James Day

It was the big patronal festival, and AR had engaged a pro soprano, but hadn’t closed with her during the week on showing up…so she didn’t. Rehearsal was the usual disorganized mess, and I almost had another “no Eucharist because I want to kill the choirmaster” day, but then we did the Byrd Ave verum for communion and it was good enough to find last minute forgiveness, and I was glad I did. At least he played real music (Bach and Mendelssohn) for prelude and postlude, instead of making it up. And the Stanford Te Deum went well too.

Dan Johns showed up at 2 and I got a lesson in tractor repair. Yes, my points were worn, and the rotors that advance the spark at high RPM were sticky. But I got a new appreciation of the simplicity and hardiness of the Ford design. He showed me what worn points looked like. But then there were the Taiwanese points that I got from the New Holland dealer yesterday. The hole in the spring part was not big enough for the screw. I had no mini-round files, and the small flat file in my reed-making kit had no grooves on the side. Dan borrowed a drill and drilled it out. Once he got the points in and adjusted, and all together, it was good. He replaced the plugs (new not as good as the old, which I kept). Unfortunately, i had neglected to charge the battery. We finally jumped it, and once it got enough gas in it, it fired right up. Carb is weak; float adjustment makes no difference. There’s an odd click in one wheel. And the battery is still weak, and I may replace it. But so far, it’s running fine. He didn’t really want to take any payment, but I insisted. He was on the job 3 hrs, but $60 was too much for him to take, so I made him take 40.

The brush hog was another issue. I finally got it hooked on and unstuck from Buddy’s pen. But I couldn’t get it hooked UP; the drive shaft is rusted stuck after 2 years, and DW used up all my WD40 without telling me. I decided to work on it tomorrow, with new WD and a hammer…then lithium grease.


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