Hang her high and drop her fast

Quite a charming family the Sherrods have, per Dan Riehl.  Daddy’s a race-baiter, kids are named Kenyatta and Russia…

And a commenter notes on the loss of the family farm:

a 6,000 acre farm that can’t generate enough revenue to cover the mortgage ??? what am I missing here ???


Dry land, no particular crop: 42.27 per acre (average)

lease out 2,000 acres for $84,540 annually …

on a 6% mortgage 84K would service $1.4 million … since they have been on that land for decades I would suspect their mortgage was alot less than that …

Marxism in action, inherit a 6,000 acre farm and run it into the ground …


3 Responses to Hang her high and drop her fast

  1. kishnevi says:

    Riehl doesn’t mention the family history I read about yesterday (although I can’t be sure if it’s actually true). If true, it at least shows what her motivation has been.

    Allegedly, her father got into an argument with a white farmer when she was in her late teens (17, I think), approximately 1965. White farmer killed her father, and was acquitted by an all white jury. A year or so later–again, this is allegedly what happened–when she went to register to vote with Charles (who was at that time still just her boyfriend), they were roughed up/beaten up for their pains–one or the other of them was thrown out through the door, and the one that wasn’t thrown out through the door was threatened with arrest by the local sheriff.

    So that would explain the animus animating her, at least.

    • jeffreyquick says:

      I had read the first part somewhere, but not the second. But all I can say is: it ain’t 1966 anymore, and changing the makeup on the characters doesn’t change the basic plot.

      • kishnevi says:

        Found the article I saw yesterday. I misremembered a couple of things. There was no acquittal; it was simply that the grand jury refused to indict.

        And this is the voting thing.
        “That same year she was refused the right to register to vote, and her husband-to-be was pushed down the stairs by the county sheriff.”

        Article is here:

        It seems that all this is based on an interview she gave to CNN, so the facts might be have been massaged a bit. For all I know, her father may have started the fight and was killed in self defense.

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