Goats channel Satan

I came home to see the new apple tree mauled to within an inch of its life. “OK, which one got out?” “Buddy.” So Rusty showed me the improvements she’d made to his quarters near the barn, including fixing a door which I’ve needed to fix. Good girl!

So after dinner I go out to pick elderberries in the chicken yard. I close up the gate and all, go into the garden for that picking (eggplant, okra). I come back to find the the goats mysteriously in the chicken yard, which wouldn’t be such an issue except for said elderberry bush. I assume they crawled in around the excuse for a gate, so I go for bungee cords (which along with zip ties hold most of this farm together) and a wife. We shore up the gate, turn our backs…and we see them going in again, next to the side of the barn. I had wire-stapled the hog panet to the wall, back when it was only meant to keep chickens in, and they’d worked it loose. So we got them locked up, and Rusty nailed it tight.

This morning I let them out, and the first thing they did was head to their former hole. Thursday put his head through the panel and pushed a little. Then he turned and looked at me, as if to say “You sonofabitch…”


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