WTF? Geauga BoE goes after blogger

From Big Government:

The Geauga County Board of Elections has filed charges against the owner of the Geauga Constitutional Council blog, independent blogger Ed Corsi. The Board claims that Corsi’s pseudonymously published blog violates O.R.C. 3517.20(A)(2), a code meant to assure that political campaign publications, signs, and handouts have their source transparently identified.

Coupla things here:
1. Why are they afraid of/annoyed by this site? It seems pretty lame to me.
2. I note that BG doesn’t link to the complaint. The motion from the 1851 Center is here, and seems to indicate that Ed Ryder is more concerned about Corsi’s friends and dead tree publications…in short, that Corsi is not a lone blogger. This doesn’t change the fact that the principle under which Corsi is being persecuted is bullshit.

Edward Ryder, kiss my blogging ass, and please, please, try to shut me down. You are the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. And as for your county (where a number of citizens have the good sense not to vote, for you or anyone else), I do quite a bit of shopping there, and there’s no reason why I have to. Just sayin’…


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