Crappy food made into An Event

Karen DeCoster is the specialist in this sort of bubble-driven infantile consumption, and this week she has two: Sweet Frog, a pour and pollute your own frozen yogurt place, and Pop Tarts World in Times Square, where everything is created out of Pop Tarts™, even Pop Tart Sushi. I’m not so offended by the yogurt place, but Pop Tarts World is right down there with Cereality (now down to 3 locations, two of them shared with Cold Stone Creamery). Karen comes off as a bit of a prig here, but any intelligent being has to ask: why pay somebody else to abuse non-food in ways that you could so easily do at home? You want to mix cereals?  Buy a bunch of boxes and mix them. You want Pop Tart Sammiches? Get your Pop Tarts, or Brand X Toaster Pastries, or stale versions of the above from the salvage store (this being Obamanation), and your PB&J/Nutella/ marshmallow fluff/ Marmite/whatever, and stick ’em together. Whatsa matta you? Did your mommy make all your sammiches all through high school? Do you feel a moral obligation to put Women’s Studies or music history majors through school? Are we such a weak people that we have to pay others to play with our food for us?


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