Kopper Kettle, Washington PA

We came back from Washington Sunday via I68…the $15 in tolls it cost us to get from home to Breezewood pissed us off. Then we took US 40 up. We weren’t in any particular hurry to get home; we were seeing the country, and the country is much more than DC (aka Mount Doom). We’d had the free breakfast at the motel, a little snack at the No Hablo Ingles McDonalds around Frederick somewhere, and were feeling quite peckish by mid to late afternoon. We were looking for a place that was not corporate, and on the outskirts of Washington PA we saw this sign:

Rusty underneath the sign

We went in, and were immediately underwhelmed. It was a bar, about a half dozen barflies around at 4PM, only one real dining table. I was going to leave, but Rusty had to pee. On the way, we saw the daily specials, and they looked somewhat promising. Then I was waylaid by the bartender/waitress, a kind and lovely young lady, who was carrying menus, and I allowed as how we’d look at them. They were more intriguing, and we were really hungry, so we sat down.

Surprise! The food was excellent!
I had a bowl of the Hungarian bean soup (a mix of green beans,potato, and ham), and Italian perogies (potato pirogies fried with onion, pepper flakes and banana peppers) with a draft Yeungling lager. Rusty had fried zucchini and a steak salad. The zukes, unusually, were sliced lengthwise into perfectly even plants (probably on a meat slicer) and were served with a tomato dipping sauce. The salad had a broad variety of vegetables. All were excellently prepared and interesting. Here’s a satisfied customer:

Rusty midway through steak salad

I tried to take a picture of Helen (as I assume her name was, from the ticket) at the bar, but it was dark and didn’t come out, so you’ll have to take my word that it was a name she deserved.

The blog post exists in gratitude for a good meal. Others will probably make the same mistake we almost did. So if you’re on US 40 and want to eat, stop at Kopper Kettle. You won’t be sorry.


3 Responses to Kopper Kettle, Washington PA

  1. Rusty says:

    Copper Kettle / Debbie D’s kitchen is located on Route 40 just south of Washington PA, which is a small college town. If you take the bypass around Washington you will need to head north about 2 miles on route 40, on the south side of town. I will second the food was plentiful and surprisingly terrific and the young waitress was truly areal beauty and very professional.

  2. Kristen Stimmell says:

    I came across this just the other day and was tickled pink to read it. You see, my mom is Debbie D and our family bought the Kopper Kettle in 1983 when I was just 6 years old. I still live in Washington now with children of my own and the Kettle is near and dear to my heart. Although a little around the edges, my mom has really made great improvements with the place in just the past 5 years. The food is fantastic and the bartenders and servers are the best! I used to work there part-time back before I was married – not a bad way to earn some extra cash. I always say that the Kettle is Washington’s best-kept secret… I’m so glad you found that out!

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Happy to put in a good word, Kristen…thanks for your post.

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