Moral equivalency circus

The Kossak Egnor doesn’t get it

Yes, the 9/11 attacks were horrific, but they were more about optics than actual harm. The economy was already taking a hit before the Twin Towers fell.  The reaction of the nation to seeing two major buildings in New York fall on T.V. has boosted the attack out of proportion. While the loss of even a single life is to be condemned and the devastation these deaths caused the families of those killed, more than this number of teens are killed every year in car crashes. These are also tragic losses but we do not make the kind of high profile issue of it that the 9/11 attacks are.

If those teens were being murdered in deliberate head-on collisions by Muslims driving stolen cars, we’d be talking apples and apples. They’re being killed by combinations of alcohol and bad driving skills. We call those situations “accidents”, because they weren’t intentional; no teen drives off to get himself dead. 9/11 was not an accident (as I thought at about 8:45 on that day). Those planes were stolen and flown into the Towers. We make a high profile issue out of 9/11 because it was murder, not because it was death, which is after all distressingly common, occurring to 100% of us.

If Bill the Dog’s Typist doesn’t get the difference, he should leave blogging to somebody with a conscience.


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