Now, boys…

From the Tom Baugh brouhaha at Sipsey Street:

I have not read Mr. Baugh’s book but judging by the quality of this speech I suspect he is far more proficient at “Spanking the Monkey” than “Starving the Monkey.”

Mr. Franklin’s remark about hanging together or separately comes to mind. Or is the modern equivalent “Needle each other, and get the needle”?

Here’s an intelligent view of said brouhaha.


2 Responses to Now, boys…

  1. kishnevi says:

    I don’t think the main point of contention was worth contending about at this point, but reading those emails posted as Sipsey Street about SPLC, it seems Mr. Baugh thinks that Stormfront and Nation of Islam are not really racist (or at least as racist as other people make them out to be)–which leads me to question his ability to properly judge things, at least.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    The SPLC/MSM/Demo boy has called “Wolf!” “Racist!” so often that it’s easy to forget that racists actually exist.

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