OH BMV shafts Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans use their birth certificates as ID, and often have multiple copies. And such birth certificates have become desirable property for other Hispanics of less American provenance. The government of Puerto Rico recognizes there’s a problem, and is issuing more-secure certificates to everyone there. But not all the 1.3 million PRs living on the mainland know about this. The old certificates are good until Sept. 30.

Except at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which hasn’t been accepting them for months, figuring that “they’ve admitted they aren’t good ID, so why should we take them?” Well, what about Article IV, Sec. 1 of the US Constitution, for starters? Given that every PR who now has a licence got it with a dodgy birth certificate, are they going to require new certs for renewals? Why don’t they just tattoo a number on all the Puerto Ricans while they’re at it?

The Ohio BMV did not agree to go along with the extension.

“From our perspective, we have a government that comes out and publicly says, ‘We do not believe our document has credibility,’ ” Komlanc said. “We have to take a very hard look at that.”

The BMV initially decided not to accept any Puerto Rican birth certificates, she said. It softened that internal policy April 8, when it decided to accept birth certificates issued after Jan. 1.

In other words, they weren’t even going to take the revised ones. Adding to the clusterf*** is this:

Beginning on October 1, 2010 the BMV will only accept certified copies of Puerto Rico birth certificates issued on or after July 1, 2010. As the October date approaches, the BMV will keep you informed of any changes in law that may affect these dates.

In other words, Ohio will stop accepting valid revised certificates issued after an arbitrary date. Interestingly, the PD doesn’t identify this “Komlanc” woman, who is Lindsay Komlanc, ODPS Media Relations Director, (614) 752-4325. See, I haz mad J-skool skillz; can haz Robert L. Smith’s job? This is on the web, so don’t tell me about some layout lamer who hacked out content without reading it. If there was such a lamer, they need to get a job more appropriate to their skill level…like McDonald’s. And Tom Stickrath needs a job working fast food on Clark Ave. in Cleveland.


3 Responses to OH BMV shafts Puerto Ricans

  1. kishnevi says:

    are they going to require new certs for renewals

    Of course they will. If it’s like Florida, you will have to provide proof of citizenship for every renewal.
    Well, my passport that I’ve yet to travel with since I got that renewed will finally come in handy.

    Come to think of it, unless they’ve changed the passport rules, it was easier to get my passport renewed than it will be to renew my DL.

  2. kishnevi says:

    BTW, it occurred to me after signing off the first time that the “full faith and credit” clause may not apply to Puerto Rico, since it’s an associated commonwealth, and not a state or a territory, even though natives are birthright US citizens.

    I’d have to dive into the legalities to be sure about it.

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    I’ve thought of that too. How were territories treated re the FF&C? I suspect that if it quacks like a duck &etc…

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