RIP, “I’ll take Liberty”

Jennifer III’s blog is now closed.

I have a funny feeling about this little adventure. She burst on the scene in the wake of Vanderbeogh’s Window War declaration. Her voice was sensible, courageous, but yet feminine. Then, perhaps a month in, there was a post about a bizarre interaction with some self-alleged patriots with government connections, that were then passed over as a prank by some racist types she had crossed.  On June 30, we got the “My condition” post, in which we learned that “she” was not quite a “she” … nor a he either. We’d all fallen in love, or at least respect, took her at her word and offered sympathy about her genetic condition. But I found myself wondering, “Why are you sharing this?” It wasn’t relevant to our blog relationship.  My original theory was that it was a pre-emptive outing in defense against the nasties she had just encountered.  Now I think it was a gambit to see how far she could go with people. After that, she got lost in grand strategic theorizing, her posts became increasingly infrequent, and now we read, “It will not come back, I’ve moved on to other more productive projects. Thanks for reading while it lasted. I can still be contacted at the e-mail address that was listed here.” (and is no longer, because the site is dark….hmmm….and nothing is found in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine) . The original WordPress blog (May 11-25) is still up. It’s kind of an odd trajectory for giving up blogging…it tends to happen either immediately, or after a year or so.  The 5-month flameout is quite unusual.

Personally, I think the freedom movement has been punked. I don’t think Jen was a Fed….frankly, I don’t give the Feds that much credit. I think Jen was a graduate student doing sociological research, and one day the story of her blog will be told in a thesis. I would be delighted to be wrong, of course.  It’s not the sort of thing I WANT to believe. But “I take/I’ll take liberty” can be interpreted in more than one sense…perhaps she was telling us all along who she was.


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