PETA to survivalists: go veg!

When, like Robert Vicino, you’re in the business of constructing underground bunkers that people can buy into for when TSHTF, you’re going to get a certain amount of publicity, and lose a certain amount of operational security. And that publicity draws PETA’s attention like a cowpie draws flies. So, of course, PETA now urges preppers to stock only foods of vegetable origin. That’s somewhat prepperly anyway, given that grains and beans store more easily and longer than meat. But the short human intestinal tract does require a certain amount of preformed nutrition, quality fats, and protein.  A better way to provide this in a crisis might be to invite a PETA member to your retreat. After all, PETA believes that animals rights are equal to man’s. It’s perfectly common and doubtless ethical for animals to eat their own kind, including their own children.  Therefore, they shouldn’t object to feeding us.  They’ll be tender, though perhaps lacking in essential nutrients.  And there will be a temptation to slaughter the PETA early, given their tendency to foam at the mouth. They could also be used to buy off spiky-haired mutant cannibals. As Tim May used to say, the dieoff will be glorious.


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