Only starts like a joke

So 5 guys go into a Culver’s restaurant in Madison WI, wearing guns. Aging Hippie Womyn sees guns, freaks, calls cops. Cop dispatcher does not inform Aging Hippie Womyn that guys are within their legal rights, but instead send 8 of Madison’s finest, who, in spite of their training to the contrary, think they have a right under Wisconsin law to ask for the gun-carrier’s names and ID. Gun-carriers attempt to complete officers’ legal training. At least 2 of the carriers get arrested for “obstructing” (which, given what they were obstructing,should have been cause for a medal instead of an arrest). Bunch of gun owners want civil rights charges pressed against said cops, as well they should.

When the WCI member suggested that LEO check the ID of EVERY individual in the store, “Why don’t you check the ID of that lady over there with the kids? She might be a pedophile.” The officer responded, “Pedophiles can be with kids.

But apparently you can’t open carry.
I’ve enjoyed summers in HippieTown, so I really hope that Miadison sees to retraining its cops; it would be a shame not to be able to go.


One Response to Only starts like a joke

  1. kishnevi says:

    1) LEO thinks that pedophiles have more rights than gun owners.
    2) Given the general treatment of known pedophiles and sex offenders…
    3)That’s pretty firm evidence of how far down on that LEO’s totem pole gun rights rank. Somewhere down around the septic tank, I imagine.

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