BTDT, have the T-shirt: Patriot Walk 2010

After fortifying ourselves with my low-carb waffle recipe (1 c. cottage cheese and 6 eggs to 1/2 c whole wheat flour…. and the last pretense of low-carb for the entire day), we went to the meeting at 8:30 to pick up our T-shirts and materials for the Portage TEA Party’s big canvassing effort.  We visited 56 addresses to drop materials off. Sometimes we were greeted enthusiastically, but never less than politely, even by the 3 people (2 independent, 1 Democrat) who refused our materials. We did encounter one sticky situation: several years ago, I got into a kind of newspaper letter war with this women over activities on Dale Soinski’s property (and we finally met Dale too). I had tried to be respectful, but you know that when it come to principle, I take few prisoners. Well, we finally met…while her husband was dying of cancer. But she did take our materials.

We got done in time for Rusty to do some chores before we headed to Ravenna for the big party. We ate pizza and salad, soft drinks and dessert. We got tickets equal to our visit totals to spend at a live auction and Chinese auction of donated items, and I left with a new wok, an electronic Sudoku for Rusty, and some miscellaneous dishes, as well as 2 leftover pizzas and a bunch of diposable tablecloths (no good as tablecloths, but good for many other uses around the farm). Sadly, the general demographic was “not very young”. Many interesting stories were shared, including that of one recipient who asked, “where were you guys 8 years ago? I can’t support you; you’re trying to destroy my savior Obama.” Yes, SAVIOR! Maybe Ernie Sanders et al were correct back in 2008 when they were suggesting that Obama might be the Antichrist. Collectively, we covered 13.8% of the county, with Edinburg achieving 33.4% coverage. A good start, but only a start.

After that, we figured we’d shop Ravenna. We came upon a salvage food supermarket. Prices for produce were great, but we didn’t need any. Real food prices not great, but junk food prices phenomenal. We left with 5 frozen sugar-free sweet potato pies @ $1.80, sugar-free Dove chocolates and Atkins bars, and other goodies. Then we bought some things at the Value-King, where I had never been. We’d just been rung up, I handed over my credit card, and the cashier seemed reluctant to take it…but before I could go to plan B and pay cash, she fell on the floor and began spasming. Rusty called the security guard over, I went to the next cashier and calmly told her that her neighbor was having an epileptic seizure and would she please finish ringing us out. I hope the woman is all right.

I finished a motet today too…so all is good.


One Response to BTDT, have the T-shirt: Patriot Walk 2010

  1. kishnevi says:

    Nothing can probably beat what happened about ten years ago at my workplace, outside of an actual murder. Coming to work after a day off:
    “Rob died of a heart attack!”
    “My God! At home or where?”
    “Here. He was ringing up a customer!”
    He had a long history of heart disease, and a very fiery temper, especially when the Dolphins were involved. He was officially pronounced dead at the hospital, but everyone felt that was a little piece of medical theater that would allow everyone else to imagine that he did not actually die at the cash register.

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