Some interesting Founding Fathers

Garrettsville was integrated from the beginning, as John Garrett arrived here with two slave girls. His bud John Noah also came, to raise the grain that Garrett was going to grind in his mill (but he died before the mill opened). Noah started the local Baptist church, but by 1824, he’d gotten too liberal, and Garrett’s widow had him and his friends thrown out for heresy. When Joseph Smith arrived in Hiram in 1831, Noah became a Mormon, and had plans to wrest control away from Smith, but Smith was run out of town and Noah was excommunicated. In 1849, John Noah’s grandson Lucien Noah sought to avenge the wrong done to his family by attempting to blow up the Baptist Church with 25 pounds of gunpowder, but the building stands to this day. Lucien OTOH drifted out to Kansas City, where in 1896 two hookers gave him an overdose of heroin.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.


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