WJB III wins friends and influences people, chapter 97403

Facebook is a wonderful thing; it causes friends of a mutual friend to meet each other, sometimes at high velocity without seatbelts.

Sorry, [redacted], you can’t do that [because I unfriended him first -JAQ]

Hey, if it had been me on your thread beating on your friends, you’d be within your rights. But you came onto my thread, looking for a challenge, and a challenge found you. You might turn a search engine to “Billy Beck” some day; you’ve encountered an Internet legend. I’m not inclined toward censorship, or flushing things down the memory hole. And you’ve shown yourself to be allied to those who are so inclined.  It’s probably best that we don’t interact politically.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 5:17 PM, [redacted] wrote:

I don’t need insults from some two-bit whack-job on Face-Book. You will delete the string that he and I have gotten into or you will be “de-friended”.

I respect you as a fellow musician in this town, and although I might disagree with your political views, I have until now, understood these views, as mistakened as they may be. You have been at least civil, but to endorse your buddy today negates that perception.

I will not tolerate being called a “commie” by some punk who doesn’t even know who I am.  I’m fucking serious.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration, I remain-

Very Truly Yours,

A damned shame… a decent chap overall, and an excellent tenor. But really, what did he expect, and what did he think I was made of? He’s not the first person I’ve blown off when they commanded me to change a Net post.

And remember, those “commies” own us already, as China holds most of our debt.

Billy Beck: Hokay, then. You’re all set. Good luck.

That was the place where a wise man would have stopped.

UPDATE:  [redacted] wanted to make nice, asked me to lunch to talk. And hey, I was cool with that; I was really not upset with the guy at all. But then he called me back, saying “I’ve got a lot of musical contacts in this town; I’ve gotten a program or two cancelled.” and talking all worried that “that nutjob” was going to show up to lunch. I’m seeing a guy go into full meltdown over a stranger on the Internet calling him a “Commie”….act as if he were being bullied, and respond by bullying himself. I’m sorry, but that’s not psychological health. And I’ve really got to worry about this guy…for his sake and for mine.

I’m putting this out there so that, if I end up dead in an alley somewhere, y’all can have the cops subpoena my Facebook account.


One Response to WJB III wins friends and influences people, chapter 97403

  1. Michael Grosh says:

    Jesus. this kind of stuff really makes me wonder if my worldview is that out of whack from everyone else. I mean, this is the internet, and it is all opinion unless otherwise annotated. Some opinion is worth more than others, but it all originates from…vapor.
    Mr. redact needs to get a grip.

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