Sexually healthy schools?

Church and Dwight, the makers of Trojan condoms, have teamed up with Rock the Vote to evaluate sexual health in various American universities. Various blogs have pointed out the methodological and definitional problems, that “sexual health” might better be defined as “Schools that have done the most for Trojan’s bottom line.” Of course, sexual health doesn’t equate with condom use, as there are some healthy ways of dealing with sexuality (monogamy, celibacy) where condoms are simply superfluous. Interestingly, they haven’t mentioned the involvement of a Leftist front group in the survey. Case Western isn’t even on the list… I don’t know if that’s a comment on the sexual magnetism of engineers or not. I also note the omission of other schools…Bob Jones, say, or Ave Maria…that would surely knock Idaho out of bottom place. Not that this should be about competition:

Big Ten football rivals Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan won’t just duke-it-out on the field this fall. They competed for sexual health dominance, too, finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively in this year’s report card.

“Come on, Mary, take one for the Maize and Blue.”


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