Thugs at home

We were out canvassing yesterday. We probably shouldn’t have been, as we both have colds, but they aren’t going to postpone the elections on the basis of my health. We ran into a household of bitter and clingy Democrats, 3 of them, like a nest of hornets.  Now, sometimes folks refuse our stuff, and that’s cool. But one doesn’t normally expect abuse for offering it. The conversation (if it could be called one) went something like this, “I can’t believe this! Don’t EVER come here again! We vote for real politicians. You can take Sarah Palin and shove her up your ass.” By this time we were back at the street. “Is that a foreign car you’re driving?” We’d been silent up to that point, but Rusty said, “We’ve got 3 Fords at home.” (actually 2 Fords and a Chevy truck now, and one of the Fords is a tractor that could file for Social Security). I found this all rather humorous, given that I deal with these folks on the Internet almost every day; the line about “real politicians” was a hoot, and absolutely true. But it kind of knocked the mojo out of Rusty.

This got me thinking about a lot of things. Just as people see the Tea Party through us, I tended to see the Democrat Party through these louts. I thought of what I might say if the shoe were on the other foot. And when somebody guilty of nothing but caring about his country gets subjected to Satanic hatred, he has to wonder if it’s from Satan. The Palin remark was particularly revealing. Generally, people’s  reaction to Palin, positive or negative, is totally subjective. They really can’t tell you WHY they love/hate her. Billy Beck once made some plausible remarks about voice and presentation, but that’s rare. I “like” Sarah, but I am not for one minute fooled into thinking I’m dealing with somebody different in principle from the typical cucumber-sandwich Republican (take that, Hillboyz!). If the attraction/repulsion cannot be explained by things in this world, perhaps it’s Otherworldly. Now I’m not comfortable with where that question might lead; I’m not suggesting that Palin is Anointed of God like King David…just that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.


3 Responses to Thugs at home

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Who were you canvassing for, Jeffrey? The Libertarian Party?

    Probably a good thing I wasn’t helping you, as I am angry with the Democrats around here and would not have been able to give a soft answer.

  2. kishnevi says:

    I can tell you why I don’t trust Sarah, and it’s something similar to Billy’s–I know plenty of people who talk like she does in daily life, “you betcha” and all–there’s actually still plenty of homegrown here if you search through all the Latinos. But not one of them would talk anything less than formal, and no “you betcha” or “dontcha”, in a formal setting, such as a vice presidential debate–which is what she did during the mutual sound bite forum she had with Biden. Either she’s as ignorant as the Kosheads would like to believe, or she’s putting on an act, and more than a little bit of an act at that.

    That, and it sounded to me like she was a little too comfortable enjoying the perks of office and spending the taxpayer’s money while she was governor. Flying her kids between Wasilla and Juneau on the taxpayer dime is apparently within the rules, but would a politician who seriously believed in fiscal austerity and not spending public money unless necessary, etc. etc. have done it? Of course when I raised that point with True Conservatives I was accused of being too interested in Purity.

    In other news, the LP US Senate candidate apparently has enough money to pay for an electronic billboard on at least one stretch of I-95 between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Don’t know what else he’s doing, but that’s a serious number of “eyeballs” every day. Don’t know whether there was any intention or not, or it’s just God showing his sense of humor, but one of the other advertisements on that billboard is for a local strip joint.

    Rubio, unfortunately, is comfortably in the lead for that race. Which is a shame, since despite the Tea Party going for him, he’s actually a shining example of everything that’s wrong with the state GOP.

    Meanwhile, I had thought my local Congressperson (Debbie Wasserman Schultz of CNN fame) had no opposition. Turns out she does have an independent candidate and a Republican running against her, so I will probably be casting the first Republican vote in my life in that race. (I’ve never heard of the independent before.) So if the world suddenly ends before Election Day (I plan on doing early voting) you’ll know who to blame.

    There is by the way a plethora of independent candidates for the US Senate and governor’s races, not including Crist, the LP, and the Constitution Party. I suppose I ought to try to look them up before I vote, just in case….I need to find someone to vote for in the gubernatorial race.

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Tom: no, the Tea Party. I AM going to vote Matesz for gov. though, as I could never vote for “F-troop” Kasich, we need ballot access, and I can live with Preacher Ted if I have to, particularly with a R legislature.

    K: interesting observation on Palin. I’m going to try the party unity thing for once and vote for the TP-endorsed Pug over the CP guy for state rep, even though the CP (Daniel Cartwright) is running one hell of a campaign for a 3rd party. His opponent is an odious little girl, replacing an outgoing odious big girl. Between the unemployed union dicks and the young commies in Kent, we actually elect an amazing and appalling number of “Crats in this county. As for Windham, voter registration on the streets I’ve walked is about 80% independent, 15% GOP, 5%D. That would obviously be different in the projects and trailer parts.

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