Inflation hits

I’m an emusic subscriber; for my $12 a month I’ve gotten 30 tracks (or 2 1/2 albums). 40¢ a track is a pretty good deal, and they’ve generally had the sort of things that I want. But now they have the Universal catalog, and Universal, as one of the great bullies of the music industry, has probably set some terms. And since they can’t sell Universal for 40¢ a track, they are now moving to a price-per-track model. Most tracks will be $.49 each (Universal much more), and doubtless prices will go up. To take some of the sting out, they’re giving old subscribers $2 in free money. But even with that, I’m getting fractionally fewer than 29 tracks per month. And they still have the no-rollover policy. When there was a per-track basis, that wasn’t such a big deal; you could put an odd track or two on an album you wanted, and pick up the rest the next month. But what happens when you get stuck with $.48 at the end of a month, and the cheapest item is $.49? You get ripped off.


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