Odds and ends

Bob Guccione just died. He was the guy who probably most influenced everything sexual that I’ve ever repented of. I don’t know if he ever found his way back to the Church (and can we ever know?), but at the least, he’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do in Purgatory.

And Harvey Phillips, tubist and educator, is dead. More of a loss than Guccione, I think.

Then there’s the Juan Williams thing. I heard what he said, and found it unexceptional; is there something wrong with me? I can see why NPR did it, though it’s a lose-lose for them: piss off the I-slammers or show what dhimmis they are. They’re always bending over backwards to prove they aren’t political; I heard the other day that NPR employees can’t even have yard signs. But the prejudices at NPR are those of class and surroundings; when everyone you know is drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s hard to tell the difference between Kool-Aid and water. As for Williams, I don’t much care. There are several there who I find marginally more odious; I’d rather have lost Diane Rehm or Tavis Smiley, but NPR talking heads are pretty much fungible. I’d give control of the NPR newsroom to the Magliozzi brothers, myself.

Vox Day wryly notes that apparently “Muslim is the new Black” when it comes to pecking order among Protected Groups.

Soja notes that the Spanish government, with promised solar incentives it can’t pay for, is preparing to shaft investors in government promises. We’ve seen this same sort of thing in ethanol production in the Midwest.

If you’re into dweeby musicology humor, you will find this Facebook photo album by musicologist Rob Wegman to be devastatingly funny. I about peed my pants. There are a few good fart and dick jokes in there for the rest of you, but you’ll really lose the effect.


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