Take that, Vicky Gene!

Mount Calvary in Baltimore voted to join the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. And no, it’s not just teh ghey thing:

“There are some Episcopal clergy who openly question or say they do not believe that Jesus was God and man … who say they do not believe that the father and the son and the Holy Ghost are one triad of God … who do not believe the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.”

Fr.  Crume said, “If they didn’t leave for solid doctrinal reasons, they won’t leave over one man’s bedroom habits.”  True enough, but when people see sexually active gay clergy, they start asking what other heresies might be believed.

Good luck to them; they’re going to need it, ECUSA being as tight with “its” property as it is. With 45 voting members, they have nowhere to go but up.


4 Responses to Take that, Vicky Gene!

  1. kishnevi says:

    who do not believe the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

    My sense of the absurd is being called into action here. An ex-Episcopal priest who never heard of the 39 Articles? From my time in TEC, I had the impression that point was left up to individuals how to believe–and a considerable number did not believe it the way Mr. Tanghe believes.

    ECUSA being as tight with “its” property as it is.

    But it’s not the property of the 45 ex-Episcopalians: their claims to it vanished the moment they left TEC to become probationary RCs. Mt. Calvary is now a parish with no members, and the building is probably, if not a whited sepulcher, at least a white elephant.
    (And if it were the other way round, how do you think the RC church would have acted?)

  2. AnneG says:

    Praise God and welcome home to those of Mount Calvary. Surprising in such a protestant Episcopal, liberal area.
    BTW when parishes close the church buildings, the Diocese will often sell the building if it not needed, many times very reasonably to another appropriate group. TEC has been hateful in their dealings. No other word. AnneG

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    I’ve heard of the 39 Articles…but never at St. James. That’s the problem with Anglicanism; it’s the Doublemint Twins of Christianity.

    The property issue is fraught with difficulties. Intuitively, one revolts at the legal construct that says that a congregation pays to build a church, which then becomes the property of ECUSA. But if the congregation leaves, they have no use for it; they can’t fill the ones they still have. I have no real problem with charging the non-RC congregation a fair market value for the building. But sometimes they don’t want to do that; remember this story?

    FWIW, I jumped into the Tiber last night. There seems to be a strong unexpected undertow midstream, called “my previous two marriages”. It’s time, hassle and expense, and an emotional reaction of “Whaddaya mean, we’re not married?” So we decided that if we were living in sin, we’d might as well act like it.

  4. kishnevi says:

    I jumped into the Tiber last night

    Just make sure you get to one shore or the other safe and sound.

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