Tam dispatches another lib

It seems like a pity to beat up on Roger Ebert in the shape he’s in. But he keeps opening his mouth, metaphorically speaking, so the lovely Ms. Tamara K. had to put him some knowledge:

Roger, think of the Constitution like you do the little list of scutwork you leave for your underpaid Costa Rican housekeeper. Now imagine Congress as Rosita. We’ve left a little list saying “Rosita, you can coin money, make treaties, deliver the mail, and dust the china cabinet.” Nowhere in the Constitution have we written “Rosita, please tell us where we can pack heat.” As a matter of fact, we put a little PS on the document saying “Rosita, stay away from the damned gun cabinet!!!”

If you’re one of those people who just gets their jollies off on being told “verboten”, the Constitution really isn’t your kind of document, so stop trying to read it that way. (Rosita has a friend, though, who will be happy to tell you “verboten” all you want for $200/hr., all major credit cards accepted.)


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