Jen Brunner is protecting our elections

…. from filthy teabagging McDonald’s managers.

OK, this is tacky, especially the part linking Republican victory to wages. I’m not going to stand up for it at all. But it’s not something that I ever would have thought was illegal.  Neither, I’ll bet, did Mr. Siegfried, who has apologized. And I don’t quite see it as “intimidation” , though it is heavy-handed; after all, he wasn’t having them fill out absentee ballots under his watchful eye. I suspect that if the letter had gone out for Team Blue, Jenny would agree with me. As it is, the set-up is almost perfect to fit the Democrat narrative; the only way it could be better would be if it had happened at a Wal-Mart. So fast food workers, unlike union workers, nursing home residents and the mentally disabled, are safe from intimidation.


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