Voting went smoothly this morning …polls very steady, but no line.

One thing I noticed at work was the eerie quiet about the election. 2 years ago there was quite a lot of hoopla on campus. This year, nobody wants to talk about it. The only electoral anything I’ve seen on campus was an ad for a shuttlebus to vote early. It would seem that a lot of young and stupid voters got educated quickly, and even the faculty (left here as always, though far less so than at a more liberal-arts-oriented school) has been quiet about their opinions.

Can we hope? The turnout picture looks beautiful so far.


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  1. kishnevi says:

    I voted early this morning on the way to work. Got there about 7:15. Small line caused by a man who had (apparently) valid ID and voters registration card but wasn’t on the voting rolls. They handed him off to the woman in charge of problems; he was still with her when I left. And as I left I heard the poll worker asking a man how he could vote here if his address was in Miami..
    Meanwhile, three long pages to mark (made long by the fact that they’re in English, Spanish and Kreyol) with candidates, judge retentions, constitutional amendments and charter amendments. I voted for the LP candidate in the Senate race, for the Democrat in the governor’s race (Scott seems to be a crook, and if he’s not he was one heck of an incompetent CEO; and besides Sink the Democrat probably has more real world business experience than most candidates of either party), for the GOP candidate for Congress (although that’s a forlorn hope)–first time I ever voted GOP in my life. If the world ends tonight, you can blame me. And, as a general raspberry to both parties, for every independent/non-incumbent in all the other races.
    Only amendment I voted for was the twin amendments aimed at cutting down at gerrymandering, which will probably not get the necessary 60 percent amendments now require to pass.
    Then feed them into the one optical scanner supplied for our precinct (which meant another bottleneck), and onwards to work. Total time about twentyfive minutes.

    Tomorrow will be so nice. No campaign ads!

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Y’all seem to have done fairly OK. At the TEA Party party, they had Fox on a big screen. Now, I hate the network way of only showing 2 candidates, but I found it amusing to think of Kendrick Meek cast into the outer darkness where the Libertarians live (ditto Maes in CO.) Of course those RAAAACISTS at Faux News were just keeping the black man down, right??

  3. kishneiv says:

    Update: Scott won, so we have a crook for governor. The gerrymandering amendments passed by the necessary supermajority, so expect plenty of lawsuits on that subject next year.
    And people seem to be taking Alan West’s victory too seriously. He ran there because it’s the most conservative part of Broward County–the only wonder is that a Democrat held it for as long as he did. It used to be the most reliably Republican district in SoFla. West actually lives in the same district I do, Debbie W-S’s, although I guess he’ll move now.
    And I don’t expect much out of Rubio–as state House Speaker, he was very comfortable with power, perks and spending other people’s money.

    I haven’t seen any figures yet for the Libertarian who ran for Senate, but apparently it was the usual slim pickings. Meek got something like 20 percent of the vote. If Crist had not run as an independent, he would have had a decent chance at winning–after all, the margin in Scott v. Sink was something like 65,000. (Although if Crist had been the GOP nominee, he would have had a bigger victory than Rubio, even if it wasn’t an anti-Obama win.)

  4. kishnevi says:

    Found it. Snitker (the LP guy) got 24,548 votes, meaning 0.46%. which put him in fourth place. The Constitution Party candidate got 4,739 votes, or 0.09%, putting him in seventh place. The intervening two places went to people I’ve never heard of who are listed as NPA for party affiliation, and the final three slots in the field of ten also went to people I’ve never heard of with NPA after their names.

    In the governor’s race, the LP endorsed another party’s candidate. He got 122,799 (2.31%), putting him in third place. That was far more than the four NPA candidates combined. One of those was Daniel Imperato; he got 13,540 (0.25%)

  5. jeffreyquick says:

    I wouldn’t vote Imperato for dog-catcher.
    I’m surprised the CP candidate did so poorly. What I noticed back in ’04 already is that the CP is much better that the LP in terms of GOTV and practical politics. The CP state rep here ran a much better campaign than the GOP guy, getting over 5% (I’d thought he’d make 10% based on the yard signs)

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