My Dad’s been bitching that I’m not blogging

…and I can’t disappoint half my readership. It seems like when I have a little short shot, it’s going into Facebook. So here’s a little stuff:

From the courageous and outrageous Kevin DuJan:

First off, Obama got mainly Ds and Fs in college and failed several basic courses because he was too lazy to turn in his assignments. His skin color and exotic pedigree got him his Ivy League degrees.

Produce his transcripts and prove me wrong.

About that WikiLeaks thing… I really mostly don’t give a shit, but it’s an interesting show. The government, per se, doesn’t have a right to privacy, and certainly they don’t to the extent that they deny ours. The people in government may have a right to privacy, and there are individuals who may get hurt by this. But mostly I haven’t heard anything even remotely interesting from the diplomatic dump. China might throw the Norks under the bus? Well, wouldn’t you? So why all the fuss? I suspect Denninger is right in his claim that it’s because they’re preparing to spread some dirt on a major bank. It’s about time the banksters got punished for their fraud. Beck thinks that Assange is an unprincipled punk, because it’s harder to find North Korean tattlers than disaffected gay servicemen (As Ann Coulter points out, singing along to Lady Gaga should be considered a violation of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell). He’s probably right, and Assange isn’t trying to be even-handed, because the other side doesn’t play by civilized rules of engagement. Instead, he’s getting Al Caponed by a possibly-trumped-up rape charge.

On tonight’s fun in Cleveland: Talented young black kid gets good job, gets a better job offer in another city and takes it, returns to city A on business. So why again should we care about LeBron James?


One Response to My Dad’s been bitching that I’m not blogging

  1. Jim Quick says:

    To the other half of the readership of this blog: I ask him to blog once in awhile, so that when he is to busy to e-mail me, I still know his alive and well, LOL.


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