Assange moves to London safe house

or big house, or something.

The WikiLeaks fight is basically pathetic. Cut off the domain name? Use the numbers. Somehow block the numbers? Get a new domain under a different name. Cut off the Paypal account, cancel the Mastercard service? Use something else. It’s like ACORN; destroy the brand, and the same cockroaches will start something else. These folks aren’t sheep; strike the shepherd, and they’ll raise up a new one. There’s basically no way to keep information off the Net without destroying the Net. And it’s a little late for that now. Bradley Manning? Rosenberg him. But there’s not a lot that can legally be done about Assange.

And why is the press using the word “rape” to describe the etiquette violation Assange is wanted for in Sweden? We know what rape is, which is why when we discuss 16-does-15, we call it “statutory rape” — like “open marriage”, the modifier is an admission that the noun doesn’t really apply. They’re filling out minds with violent scenes, with guns to the head and ripped clothes, and that’s not what happened at all. It’s the same mentality that calls the tax structure of the last decade “the Bush tax cuts” instead of “repeal of the Clinton tax hikes”, as if there is some normal and sacred level of taxation. Yes, it was stupid for Assange to fall for the trap. As Don Juan Matus might have said (but didn’t), “A warrior keeps it in his pants.” But it’s not rape just because the little head did the thinking.


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