A citizen does his duty for WalmarTSA

Anonymous said…
Last week I got coffee in Litchfield – while there I saw this suspicious looking guy, kinda fat, red jacket and pants with a white beard. He even waved at me. I headed north to the new Wally World where, lo and behold, there’s this same dude, following me down the aisle. WTF? Being a good subject, I immediately found a store management type (I know this because she was watching two others work) and told her about this guy; I even pointed him out. She started laughing. I, of course, was NOT smiling. As far as I know she is still laughing. At least she was when I walked away from her. Nonetheless, I felt better for having turned in a very suspicious looking character.
December 9, 2010 6:50 AM”

This IS no laughing matter. This guy routinely violates US airspace and so far has not only not been shot down, but has never even been through TSA screening…I mean, think of what could be hidden in that belly! Further, he claims to have detailed information on who has been bad and good, and their deepest desires. Not even Julian Assange can claim that. Further, by distributing unearned and undeserved largesse, he’s impersonating a government official (though I don’t know what’s with the red clothes…you’d think he’d lose weight, shave, black his face and get fake elephant ears to go with his impersonation, if he really wanted to be convincing.). Oh yeah, and pandering…he’s got to be a pimp with a get-up like that, and all that talk of “ho ho ho”. He’s not a citizen, but I’ll bet there’s a cell at Gitmo with his name on it.

UPDATE: Vanderbeogh has a suggestion for helping Walmart and the TSA.


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