I’m unimpressed

MerchantCircle, who took Bloglines over, has finally migrated the server. Unfortunately.

First they’ve given us a clunky clone of the Google newsreader, instead of the superior Bloglines system, which let you set preferences for each blog as you subscribed. You have to mark blogs as read or unread, rather than there being a default. And about half my blogs didn’t come over. Most were trapped and allowed to be added manually, but a few went missing entirely (Fr. Zuhlsdorf, where are you?) I lost all my pervious saved blog entries, except that we got the number of “new” entries you’ expect from a new subscription. In short, what I got was exactly what I got when I opened a Google Reader account (in preparation for Bloglines dying entirely)… so why should I use Bloglines rather than Google, except that Google is Evil and it’s bad enough that they know my work mail, let alone which blogs I read?

UPDATE 12/17: And this morning their server seems to be totally down. Heck of a job, MC!


One Response to I’m unimpressed

  1. Sharon says:

    so far it sucks something awful

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