Fed assault on Perkins OK bank

Out in the sticks the Okies like it when their bank has a lot of Christian foofara about it…crosses and Bible verses and such. It makes them trust the bank more, I guess. Given that they are of necessity in cahoots with the banksters of the Federal Reserve System, one would think that such protective camoflage would be approved of.  One would be wrong. The banksters were all upset and ordered the moneychangers to stay away from Jesus, because a Jew or Muslim might be offended and subtly discouraged from banking there.  This assumes of course that a Jew or Muslim has not already been subtly discouraged from moving to Perkins Oklahoma, or that a devout Muzzie has any business in a bank anyway. (and would I be able to get money from a Sharia bank?)  So the bank and townies raised hell with their reps, who raised hell with Ben Bernanke, and it’s all fixed…at least until the next audit, where they will doubtless find gross financial irregularities.

Note: there had not been any actual discrimination. Mr. Goldstein hadn’t been told, “Well, can’t you get the money from your own people? They’re all rich, ain’t they?” And it’s a private business…not that there’s really any such a thing in the fascist banking system. And yes, I’m cynical about screaming public religiosity, especially in an industry whose current kosherness is dubious. But it’s their bank. And that’s how they do in Perkins. Isn’t diversity good?


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