Internet world and the real world

Relatively sane people look at the stories in the dextrosphere and in the mainstream media, and have to conclude that the world is riding the luge to Lucifer, that Western civilization is DOOMED!, that Jesus has to return soon because things will be FUBAR. I wouldn’t minimize the peril we’re in as a society. But there is reason for hope.

I went out this morning to finish my Christmas shopping. It was a calm, peaceful experience. Clerks generally wished me a Merry Christmas, I found what I needed, it was all good. There were two special moments. The first was in K-mart. I had one item, and was standing in line, as it seemed overall a shorter wait than the express line. Two women were talking in the express line about their domestic duties over the next several days, which included a lot of baking. Score one: there are still women who bake cookies.  Then the woman ahead of me offered to have me go ahead of her, even though her things were all on the belt. I declined, saying I was in no rush, but thanking her for her thoughtfulness.

The next moment was at the checkout in Borders. I was holding my credit card and drivers’ license…I thought.  I went to pay for my purchases and found only my license. I checked all my pockets and wallet, and of course it wasn’t there. So I paid in cash, and realized that I would need to retrace my steps. Just then, the man behind me said, “Are you looking for something?” “Yes, my credit card.” “Somebody turned one in to the other cashier just a couple minutes ago.” So I inquired, saw the blue and white and realized it was probably mine, and sure enough, it was. I thanked everyone involved profusely, and was on my way.

So for all you Chicken Littles out there:  in Niles Ohio on the 23rd of December in the Year of Our Lord 2010, it’s still the 1950’s, people are still basically normal and decent, and Advent feels like Advent for the first time all Advent. I hope the sitrep is similar where you are, and may you have a blessed Christmas season.


One Response to Internet world and the real world

  1. John Venlet says:

    Outstanding sitrep Jeffrey. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas season also.

    Merry Christmas (I know, I’m a couple days early), and may the coming new year be blessing filled.

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