The wonders of technology

Now that we have broadband, I decided to take the plunge and get a Grace Solo wi-fi radio. No, I didn’t need it. But there’s no real estate on my desk for decent computer speakers, loading web pages is a PITA, and we wanted something that Rusty could also use.  So we went out last night, to Aldi and then to Sears, where the unit was unexpectedly $10 off, and then out to eat.

We were up until nearly midnight playing.  Once the unit is set up, it’s actually very easy to use. Finding all the best stations can be difficult, as they’re dependent on Grace’s Reciva technology. I did get WFMT set up as a feed, but not yet WCLV. A few of the stations on the Grace website turned out to be live365 stations, which apparently require a subscription rather than the free sign-up. Oh well…it’s not like there’s a dearth of things to listen to. Last night, after the Polish folk, Rusty suggested we check out Africa. Uganda was OK, but of the 5 channels in Zimbabwe, the only one we could get was playing American country music.  On Polka Legacy, we stumbled upon some New Years festivities from 1955/56, when Rusty was 6 weeks old and I was in utero. We had the Beck show on WTAM, and R. became terminally annoyed with Mike Trivisonno (not a hard thing I’ll admit). So I fixed it by getting a Columbus station instead. Right now she’s listening to a Native American station…which is starting to make me glad I’ll be leaving for Mass soon.

Anyway, there’ll be lots of good listening for 2011; I hope you have a good one!


2 Responses to The wonders of technology

  1. jacksontom says:

    WCLV streams in various formats, so it seems like you ought to be able to pick it up.

    If you are looking for suggestions, try the Q2 feed from WQXR — second to none Internet radio for modern classical music.

  2. […] composer Jeffrey Quick has been experimenting with Internet radio, […]

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